Joule for Recruiters

Get ready to change your perspective on the hiring process

Find your perfect candidates right away with Joule for Recruiters

Joule for Recruiters

Way more than your usual applicant tracking system: Joule optimizes the HR processes by connecting companies with like-minded candidates, highlighting each individual’s soft skills and talents.

Joule for Recruiters

Finding the right talent with Joule means

Ease of information gathering

Efficient and optimized selection process

Less time needed for the screening phase

Objective assessments that highlights individual soft skills

Fewer interviews to reach the final decision

Targeted hires that reduce turnover

Meet JAI

Joule Artificial Intelligence (JAI) is our personal trait analysis system. Through the analysis of each candidate’s personality, as revealed by the short 40-seconds videos created through our app, JAI can pinpoint each individual’s soft skills and qualities.

JAI is your new partner in the search process, ad posting, and application management, making it easy to identify and match the most fitting soft skills for the job position.

How it works

Focus on soft skills and videos

A new application system built around free self expression: short 40 seconds presentation videos created by candidates allow us to highlight each individual’s personal traits and create the perfect match with any job position

Get to know each other better with the help of AI

Our Artificial Intelligence system enables you to discover more about the talents who would like to join your team: explore their soft skills, capabilities, and those personal characteristics that make each individual unique and special

Smart pre-selection

Finding the right candidate has never been easier: with Joule, you can quickly identify applications that best match the professional profile you are looking for. This allows you to arrange your upcoming interviews based on an automatic pre-selection that considers not just skills but also personal traits

Less time to find the right person

Post your job ad

Add the details of the profile you’re seeking, and let our AI create the perfect match

Get to know the candidates

Check the candidate list already sorted by their affinity with the job role and dive into the analysis results for every talent looking to join your team

Manage applications
and schedule interviews

Choose and meet the candidates best suited for the position

Welcome a new talent on board!

With Joule you streamlined the selection process, making the journey to the final decision quicker and more efficient

Joule for Recruiters guides you through every stage of the selection process

Joule for Recruiters - UI screen for applications managing

Optimize the entire selection process, from the initial contact to the final decision

Joule for Recruiters - Custom interviews feature

Dive deeper into understanding candidates even before scheduling an interview, with personalized questions answered through short videos

Keep track of candidate information, interactions, and team activities

Jpoule for Recruiters - Calendar feature

Manage your availability by setting up your schedule for interviews, to align your availability with candidates’, and making the meeting arrangements smooth and efficient

Stay in touch with candidates and with your team to bridge the gap and better organize your work

Start using Joule for Recruiters

Are you a company or agency on the lookout for new talents?

Joule for Recruiters provides you with a set of tools to effectively manage the selection process, from initial contact with the most suitable candidates, to application management and interview scheduling.


First job ad

10 / day

during the initial 15 days of publication

8 / day

during the next 15 days of publication

3 / day

for every additional day the job posting is live

Starting from the second job ad

8 / day

during the initial 15 days of publication

6 / day

during the next 15 days of publication

3 / day

for every additional day the job posting is live

Richiedi un piano personalizzato

Are you planning to publish and manage a large amount of job ads?

Our team is available to evaluate with you a tailor-made solution

Monthly billing based on the volume of job postings

No commitments or memberships

You’re only charged for the job listings you post on the app Joule for Talents, you can also set their duration and pause them whenever you want.

Efficient application management

You can manage the selection process, send messages, and schedule interviews with candidates at any time, even when a job listing is paused.

Company pages and work groups​

Joule for Recruiters allows you to manage your company’s page on the app for candidates, and request the setup of additional branches and personal profiles for your team members.

Dedicated support​

Our support team is by your side throughout the process of creating job postings, managing your company profile, and connecting with candidates.

Before registering, please review the Terms and Conditions of the service. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us

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Joule is a platform that helps you find the ideal candidates and effectively manage your selection process.

Whether you’re a staffing agency or a company on the hunt for top talent, Joule will connect you with the candidates you’re seeking.

Joule’s goal is to create the perfect match between individuals and like-minded workplaces.

Our technology analyzes the information and videos shared by users to help you find profiles that perfectly match the job roles you’re offering. This way, you can build tight-knit teams and work environments where everyone shines.

Get in touch by filling out the form at the bottom of this page to request a demo or to receive more information about our service. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Reach out to request a demo or to learn more about our services, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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