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Highlight your personality your initiative your creativity your teamwork spirit your precision your leadership skills your communication abilities what makes you special


your personality your initiative your creativity your teamwork spirit your precision your leadership skills your communication abilities what makes you special

Your new job is just a video away

With Joule you can submit your applications by recording short videos that allow you to express everything a conventional resume doesn’t say about you.

"Thank you, we'll let you know" followed by complete silence?

Joule allows you to connect only with companies that are looking for someone like you and track the progress of each of your applications at any time.

A new way to find your ideal job

Joule helps you put your talent on the spotlight and find jobs that align with your expectations and, most importantly, your personality.

How it works

Record a video

Introduce yourself with short videos or answer a question to let recruiters know you better: it’s time to highlight your personality

Let the matching happen ✨

Our Artificial Intelligence system allows us to create the perfect match and recommend you the job postings that best align with your personality


Did you find your dream job? Submit your Joule application! You can track the entire selection process and join interviews right from your smartphone

record your videos - get matched - meet the companies - find new opportunities
record your videos - get matched - meet the companies - find new opportunities

Soft skills: personal traits

Soft skills represent your personal characteristics, those versatile abilities that extend beyond your work or educational experiences, like teamwork and organizational talents: soft skills are what make you unique in your approach to interacting with the world.

Hard Skills: technical abilities

Hard skills are the knowledge and experiences in your toolkit, such as software proficiency or foreign language fluency: these are your specific technical competencies, what you can practically do.

Know your potential

Hard skills are crucial pieces of information for assessing your suitability for a specific role, whereas evaluating your soft skills helps you find a work environment that matches your personality and makes you feel comfortable.

Join Joule and find your place in the work world.

Joule for Talents is here!

Your ideal job is just around the corner: download the app Joule for Talents, the beta version is available for Android and iOS devices

What our users say

The app is nicely done, simple and intuitive! Job searching becomes much faster. Recommended

Finding such a powerful and useful app without having to shell out a penny is truly a gift. Joule shows a genuine commitment to supporting candidates in their job search, and it does so for free. It is a real treasure for anyone looking for career opportunities without having to spend a fortune.

While other apps ask you to use filters to find the right offers, Joule does all the dirty work. You only have to upload a video resume and it figures out what you can do. It's mind-blowing to see how this app has made old job search methods obsolete.

Joule differs from other applications because it saves you the frustration of being left in limbo without receiving feedback on applications. I have used other platforms in the past and often experienced the uncertainty of not knowing if my application had even been read. Joule, on the other hand, keeps me constantly informed about the status of my applications, which is a huge relief.

I used Joule and applied with a self-presentation video. Compared to other job search platforms, the company reached out quickly.

One of the things I love about Joule and that really makes a difference is the fact that companies are required to clearly state the salary in the job posting. This transparency is a real plus because it allows me to evaluate opportunities more accurately and make informed decisions about my application.


Everyone can join Joule: whether you are looking for your first job or considering a new opportunity, Joule connects you with companies that are seeking your talent.

Joule’s goal is to create the ideal match between your personality and your best suited workplace.

Joule’s technology analyzes the information you provide and the videos you record to help you find the right job and enter a work environment where you can excel.

We believe a resume is a useful yet potentially limiting tool, as it often falls short in revealing your personality and individuality: this is why we created a new service based on the concept of free self-expression, to allow you to present yourself to recruiters in a new and entirely personal way.

Within your profile, you can let recruiters know if you’re already working: don’t worry, this won’t affect your access to any of our services, like searching for jobs and applying.

Only recruiters can view the information you decide to share on your profile, your videos and profile aren’t visible to any other Joule user.

Are you a company or a recruiting agency?

Discover ideal candidates for your job opportunities in the easiest and most innovative way

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Reach out if you want more information on our services, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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